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Vechaar Utensils Museum

Vechaar Utensils Museum, Ahmedabad
Vechaar Utensils Museum, built in 1981 within the vicinity of Vishalla Village Restaurant, is a brainchild of architect Mr. Surender C. Patel. VECHAAR is an acronym for Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research.

It is an effort to cherish and preserve our rich cultural heritage and rare artistic skills and wisdom of our craftsmen. It is an extensive study of utensils from thousand years old to present times, that have evolved over different periods of history as a result of our changing needs and environment.

The range varies from leaves or a gourd jug, to modern stainless steel and glass utensils. The metal utensils cover everything from brass, copper, bronze, zinc to German silver.

Vechaar Utensils Museum,
Gujarat, India
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